SFSU ENGR Faculty: Dr. Yiyi Wang, March 2024

By Julianna Enriquez | March 18, 2024

Dr. Yiyi Wang Potlight Photo Spring 2024

Dr. Yiyi Wang, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering


How has your time as a faculty member at SFSU been?

It has been great. There are good days and bad days. But I consider teaching at a college level an enviable opportunity. The intellectual freedom and autonomy are the added bonus.


Any advice you’d give to students?

a. Choose how you spend your time and energy carefully because both are finite.

b. Do not be afraid of rejections (like job interviews). I think most people regret what they didn't do rather than what they did do.


Looking back, how would you describe yourself when you were a college student?

I think on so many levels I am still the young person I was-- staying curious, optimistic, and goofy. I have grown thicker skin, though, and of course more empathy.


What do you do outside work?

Pilates, mothering two rambunctious kiddos, and pets (a turtle, two cats, and a dog, yes, my house is literally a zoo)


What dish would you bring to a potluck?

Beef chili and chickpea chocolate cake (gluten-free!)


If you were to be stuck as an animal for the rest of your life what would you be?

I'd like to be a tortoise, to outlive my human alternative.


Any talents or surprising hobbies that might shock people?

Home brew coffee or Chai tea in the morning --> go on a hike at Mission Peak with my dog --> reading and journaling --> pilates --> hot tub (sorry no teaching)


If you could choose a dream birthday itinerary what would you do?

For my dream birthday, I would be lying down on a beach in the morning, having a BBQ in the afternoon, and enjoying the sparkling stars under campfires in the evening. The key is to spend the day surrounded by loved ones, creating lasting memories.

Is it better to regret something you have done or have not done?

Depending on the contexts but generally I regret more my inaction.


Have you regretted anything you have/haven’t done in your life?

Oh yes. I have a rap sheet of regrets. But life is short. I'd rather not bore you with those.