SF State Scholars (4+1 blended BS/MS) Program

Program Overview

The San Francisco State Scholars program provides undergraduate students with an accelerated pathway to a graduate degree.  Students in this program pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. This program allows students to earn graduate credit while in their junior and/or senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for completion of a master’s degree. The San Francisco State University Scholars program offers students additional career prospects, intellectual growth and the opportunity to deepen skills and research competencies. In addition, Scholars students will receive a unique form of mentorship that is not often expected at a large urban university.


SF Scholar Roadmap

SF State Scholars in Engineering

The School of Engineering offers the SF State Scholars programs in three areas including Civil, Computer, and Electrical Engineering.

B.S. in Civil Engineering + M.S. in Civil Engineering (previously M.S. in Engineering with concentration in Structural/Earthquake Engineering):

The blended program in Civil Engineering offers an excellent accelerated opportunity to earn the master’s degree in Structural/Earthquakes engineering. It aims to provide advanced training in practical design and structural theory to enable students to specialize in structural/earthquake engineering and to make an immediate, lasting impact on both current and future careers. The courses are taught in various topics by well-respected professionals and professors in the field. This program will allow students to increase their academic/professional portfolio to have a competitive advantage in the working field.

SF Scholars Coordinator (Civil Engineering) - Dr. Cheng Chen

B.S. in Computer/Electrical Engineering + M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (previously M.S. in Engineering: Concentration in Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems):

The blended programs offer an accelerated route for motivated undergraduate students in Computer/Electrical Engineering to complete both their B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years. Students work directly with a faculty advisor to gain research experience and necessary skills to apply creativity, critical thinking, and technologies in developing engineering products and solutions for real-world problems. The undergraduate program introduces a breadth of the field and the master program a depth, the combination of which is excellent preparation for flourishing in the modern tech economy.

SF Scholars Coordinator (Computer Engineering) - Dr. Xiaorong Zhang

SF Scholars Coordinator (Electrical Engineering) - Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi

B.S. + M.S. in Mechanical Engineering:

The blended programs offer a fast-track for qualified undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering to complete both their B.S. and M.S. degrees in approximately five years. Students’ undergraduate degree provides the technical foundation to be successful in the M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering based on the students’ chosen concentration area offered within the program.  Students can select from one of the following concentration areas 1) Robotics & Mechatronics, 2) Energy Systems, and 3) Thermal Fluids Systems, where the coursework is taught by faculty experts that will provide students advanced critical thinking to solve real-world technological challenges.  Students will work closely with a faculty advisor to develop a strong research experience that aligns with their career interest in the respective areas.  By acquiring a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, a student will gain depth in design and technical skills to be competitive in obtaining high-paying jobs in various high-tech industries, such as those in design, robotics, automation, biomedical devices, manufacturing, renewable energy, and systems engineering, particularly within Silicon Valley and the Bay Area as a whole.

SF Scholars Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering) - Dr. David Quintero

Program Value

  • A Step Towards the Future: Investing in our existing SFSU student population. This program allows students to earn graduate credit while in their junior and/or senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for completion of a master’s degree.
  • Getting the most out of your education: Paying undergraduate tuition for graduate-level courses and capitalizing on your resources (Financial Aid, Scholarships, etc.). Graduate School application fee waived. GRE/GMAT requirement waived.
  • Getting the most of your time: Students in this program pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously, enabling students to use their senior project capstone experience to be integrated with a graduate thesis/project.
  • Challenging yourself: Students will become more competitive and dynamic by engaging with advanced &/or graduate-level cohort.


  • Undergraduate students interested in an accelerated pathway to a graduate degree through the San Francisco State Scholars Program must be sponsored by a Tenured/Tenure Track faculty advisor in the degree program.
  • Students typically apply to the program before they complete 90-105 semester units and before enrolling in a senior capstone course in their major (please consult with your program coordinator).
  • Students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester units.
  • Students must not be declared in another major or second baccalaureate.
  • Students must meet admission requirements for their intended graduate program. For more information about your program admission requirements, please consult with your department (additional supplemental materials might be required).