Graduate Programs

The School of Engineering offers a graduate degree of Master of Science in Engineering with three areas of specialty, Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems (EECS), Energy Systems (ES), and Structural/Earthquake Engineering (SEE).

Our graduate program offers a set of engineering core courses that broadens the engineer's perspective along with their management and communication skills. In addition, individual study objectives are encouraged through classes in related engineering fields. Non-sequential structure of most graduate courses permits students to take courses in their areas of interests without committing themselves to a long series of courses. The courses are scheduled in the evenings, keeping in mind the convenience of the working engineers. Close, personal relationships with faculty and other students provide an amicable environment.

The faculty in the School of Engineering is highly regarded for its excellent academic qualifications and strong practical engineering experience. The orientation and specializations of the faculty are eclectic and wide-ranging, offering expertise in both basic research and design/applied research. The San Francisco Bay Area, home of many innovative engineering and technology companies, provides an excellent regional setting and an abundant pool of desirable employment opportunities for our students.


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