SFSU ENGR Faculty: Dr. Sanchita Ghose, March 2024

By Julianna Enriquez | February 16, 2024

Sanchita Ghose Assistant Professor Computer and Electrical Egnineering

Dr. Sanchita Ghose, Assistant Professor, Computer and Electrical Engineering


How has your time as a faculty member at SFSU been?

My journey at SFSU over the past 1.6 years has been nothing short of fulfilling and enriching. From the moment I stepped onto SFSU campus, I was embraced by a cheerful campus with a vibrant community of students and the most welcoming colleagues. Besides teaching a diverse group of scholars in the undergraduate and graduate program, I got the chance to contribute to the university's academic community in various ways, i.e., mentoring students to achieve their career goals, guiding them in advancing their research projects, assessing their scholarship applications, attending professional development trainings, assisting the school in organizing different academic events, collaborating with other Engineering faculties on interdisciplinary research projects and school meetings. From visiting students’ senior design project showcase, watching them to excel in campus career fair to attending their commencement as a proud Computer Engineering faculty, I have seen our students evolving into confident and capable Engineers! Therefore, I would like to define my SFSU journey as an exciting tour of growth, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence. The supportive and inspiring work environment brought up by my colleagues; their intellect, creativity, and dedication to academic excellence inspire me everyday. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I've been afforded and look forward to continuing to contribute to the vibrant academic community here for years to come.


Any advice you’d give to students?

I want to remind my students about a famous quote of Meredith Arthur whenever they have hard time on learning something new: "You cannot start something new and expect to be master at it. Getting comfortable with the awkwardness is the first step to learning." Also, I like to share one line to my students that gives me motivation every morning when I wake up, "We may not always know the music the life plays for us, but we can always decide how to dance on it."


Looking back, how would you describe yourself when you were a college student?

In my college days, certainly I was more sensitive to situations; good or bad. Over the years, my life experiences, my exposure to diverse community of people helped me to shape my outlook towards the world. In my current days, I am learning how to keep positive attitude to life, how to be more productive and make every moment count.

What do you do outside work?

I love to travel, I wish I had countless holidays and I could see every corner of this beautiful world, haha! I am very drawn to manmade historical structures and museums too. I am a foodie! like to spend time in exploring new restaurants and try their most popular dishes. I am vey fond of Indian classical and jazz music. I am always up for attending musical concerts and events.

What dish would you bring to a potluck?

Any traditional Bangladeshi dish i.e., vorta, fish curry or desserts.


If you were to be stuck as an animal for the rest of your life what would you be?

Of course, a Bird! I won't need visas to travel countries.


Any talents or surprising hobbies that might shock people?

Learning Astrology and Numerology has been added recently to my hobby list. I can do a little bit palm reading too.


If you could choose a dream birthday itinerary what would you do?

Waking up with a surprise presence of my mom dad (I don't see them on my birthdays since last 6 years!), having breakfast with mom's special luchi and payesh (very popular Bengali food), then visiting temple to thank Almighty and wish for another blessed year. The rest of the day could be visiting some of my favorites places with my friends and loved one; enjoy to the fullest without looking into my phone and work emails ...haha!

Is it better to regret something you have done or have not done?

I believe no.


Have you regretted anything you have/haven’t done in your life?

Hardly anything. I believe, life should be lived with optimism not with regret.