Faculty Profile: Sanchita Ghose

Sanchita Ghose

Assistant Professor

Discipline: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Email: sanchitaghose@sfsu.edu

Sanchita Ghose_faculty.png


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, 2022


Dr. Sanchita Ghose joined San Francisco State University in 2022 as a faculty member in computer engineering. She is awarded the ECE Outstanding Graduate Research Award (2022), Competitive ECE Pioneer Award (2021), Best Research Award in Applied AI on AI Summit (2019), ECE Best Grading Assistant Award, Graduate Professional Development Awards (2019-2021), OCI Stipend Award, Electrical Engineering Travel Award. She has been chosen multiple times as the representative ECE graduate student from UTSA to attend ECEDHA-iREDIFINE workshops and the SWECEDHA conference.

Her current research interest includes developing a deep learning algorithm for multimodal learning and cross-modal retrieval applications, focusing on computer vision, action recognition, sound synthesis, and video processing. She published her research articles in the most reputed Multimedia Journal, “IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.”

Prior to joining SFSU, Dr. Ghose worked as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant in ECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering) Department, UTSA. Alongside that, she worked as a Research Program Coordinator in an NSF collaborative research Grant named "SWEETER" with the Dean of College of Engineering, UTSA.