Master of Science in Engineering: Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems

The Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems master’s degree program at the School of Engineering focuses on:

  • Embedded systems, cyber-physical systems (CPS), and their applications
  • Designing reliable, energy efficient, high performance computing circuits in emerging nanotechnologies
  • Analog and radio frequency circuits and systems for biomedical applications
  • Hardware security, Internet-of Things (IoT) & CPS Security, and Embedded System Design Security
  • Neuromorphic computing 
  • Designing, prototyping and testing mechatronic and robotic systems
  • Wireless communications

Research in these areas is carried out in Nano Electronics and Computing Research Laboratory (NeCRL), Intelligent Computing and Embedded Systems Laboratory (ICE Lab), Embedded Computing Security (ECS) Lab, SF Bioelectronics Laboratory, Analog Design Center, and Biomechatronics Research Laboratory (BRL). More information about research labs in the School of Engineering can be found here

Course Requirements