Student Enrichment Opportunities Office

San Francisco State University - Student Enrichment Opportunities Office

Application Deadline for 2020-2021: March 18, 2020

Contact information:SF State University, SCI 200 415-338-1305 *

For application information see the SEO website:

Undergraduate Fellowships:

NIH MARC -Maximizing Access to Research Careers (Stipend = $13,104/year + Partial Tuition)


NIH RISE -Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement 

(Support = $11,544/year)


Genentech Foundation Jr/Sr Scholars

(Stipend = $13,200/year + Tuition)


Genentech Foundation Freshman/Sophomore Associates

(Stipend = up to $5,700/year)

For majors in Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science interested in pursuing an advanced degree in a biomedical field.

Graduate Fellowships:


(Support = $19,200/year + Tuition)


NIH RISE -Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (Support = $21,000/year + Tuition)


NSF STC Center for Cellular Construction (with UCSF)

(Support = $21,000/year + Tuition)


Cell Design Institute (with UCSF)

(Stipend = $21,000/year + Tuition)


Genentech Foundation Scholars

(Stipend = $21,000/year + Tuition)

Scholarship programs to prepare students from underrepresented groups including those with disabilities for competitive biomedical PhD programs or advanced professional degrees through academic support and a stimulating research experience.