SFSU ENGR Student: Issac Moreno, April 2024

By Julianna Enriquez | April 25 2024

Student Isaac Moreno

Issac Moreno, Computer Science with Minor in Computer Engineering


Do you have any student leadership positions at SFSU? Or have done anything to give back to the SFSU community?

Yes, I am a student assistant for MESA@SFSU. As a student assistant for MESA, my focus is to lead and support other STEM students at SFSU by building and uplifting my community. As a computer science major, my focus within MESA is to connect MESA with the Computer Science department at SFSU. Employing this bridge allows MESA students to keep updated, have a point of reference, and have access to resources for success.


What has been the most memorable time you’ve had at SFSU so far?

My most memorable time at SFSU has been getting to know my community and making memories. Finding your place within your community is so important, and this makes college the most memorable time. The laughing, crying, yelling, and debatable decisions are what makes college worthwhile. I can proudly say that I have indeed found this community of people, and they are what make SFSU most memorable.


What is a big goal in your life that you have planned out for yourself?

The biggest goal in my life is to be successful and happy. I have always had this goal for myself, and I actively make efforts to achieve it. I believe that being happy is a challenge that never ends, but maintaining a happy life will lead to a great, memorable life. Personally, I think being successful also includes a career in which you are happy to work for. The saying "If you love your job, you won't work a day in your life," is a motto I follow in achieving my goal of success and happiness.

Where do you see yourself after graduating?

After graduation, I have a couple ideas of where I want to launch myself. I primarily would like to work for big-tech as a software engineer and traveling the world in my spare time. To achieve this, I would start with smaller companies and work my way into the job I enjoy the most. I also see myself going back to school and continuing my degree in Computer Science to doctorate level, while, also turning my minors into higher degrees.

Why did you choose SFSU?

I chose SFSU because I fell in love with San Francisco in high school and decided that San Francisco was the best city for me. SFSU also has a great computer science program and is located in Silicon Valley. Further, SFSU contains multitudes of culture and people from all backgrounds. I knew that by exposing myself to so many communities, I could grow and be the best version of myself. Weighing the pros when choosing SFSU was simply unbeatable to other options.

If you could choose a dream birthday itinerary what would you do?

My dream birthday itinerary is this: First, I would spend my birthday-morning with a good cup of coffee and a small breakfast. Then, I would spend the afternoon with some friends shopping, exploring, or browsing the city -- maybe some sightseeing would be ideal for this afternoon. At the end of the day, I would have a birthday dinner with my family and close friends at a restaurant with food I have not tried before. Finally, I would have a vanilla (basic) cake and party with my friends and family.

If you could choose one skill to master, what would it be and why?

I would like to master the Spanish language. I am of Hispanic lineage, but my first language is English. Mastering Spanish would allow me to feel more connected to my roots and have a more diverse view on my personal culture. As someone who must learn languages as a job, this goal is achievable for myself.

Is it better to regret something you have done or have not done?

This question is best answered by my late uncle with his infamous quote, "Try it. If you don't like it, at least you can say you tried it." I think that living your life regretting something you did not do leads to endless "what if" questions. This only causes you think about countless outcomes and how you could have possibly done more. On the other hand, you can regret an action or event because you lived through that experience. And by living through that experience, you are the only person who can tell you how to feel about it -- whether confidence or regret.

Have you regretted anything you have/haven’t done in your life?

My only regrets in life are not being present for the moments that matter most. It is so easy to be distracted by the stress of the future or anxiety of life, but, being present with the people you cherish are what matters most. There has been countless times where I remember the worst of times because my head was elsewhere. That's why I firmly believe in "Live in the moment." By living in the moment and making conscious decisions, my regrets become insignificant.