SFSU ENGR Student: Denise Steffen, March 2024

By Julianna Enriquez | March 18, 2024

Denise Steffen Student Spotlight Spring 2024

Denise Steffen, BS- Civil Engineering


Do you have any student leadership positions at SFSU? Or have done anything to give back to the SFSU community?

Not yet but I am open to learning more of how I could be available for our SFSU community.


What has been the most memorable time you’ve had at SFSU so far?

The most memorable time so far was participating in the Discover SFSU event. Being able to share my engineering experience so far within SF State to other high school students made me feel like I was a part of something bigger. It made me proud to be a Gator!


What is a big goal in your life that you have planned out for yourself?

I have been diligently working towards my fitness and health goal for the past 4 years, and I am still committed to making progress. I am striving to achieve optimal health and well-being, focusing on becoming the best version of myself. The routine involves frequent gym visits, a diet focused on whole foods, minimal sugar and caffeine consumption, abstaining from alcohol and smoking, daily prayer and meditation, and setting small SMART goals throughout the year. I gauge my progress based on my level of happiness and self-love.


Where do you see yourself after graduating?

A lot can happen in two years, but as I see it now, I want to establish myself with a contracting construction company to start gaining real life hands on experience. I would like to keep my options open and be able to relocate if needed.


Why did you choose SFSU?

I chose SFSU for a few reasons. 1) The location was ideal, 2) after some research I found the Civil Engineering bachelors program was better than the other schools I was accepted to, and 3) the cost of attendance was manageable.


If you could choose a dream birthday itinerary what would you do?

I would travel to Athens, Greece to see the Ancient Acropolis and Parthenon then head over to Santorini in the evening to enjoy the sunset! This would of course include LOTS of yummy food!


If you could choose one skill to master, what would it be and why?

I love this question! I want so badly to learn and then master wielding! I find that it takes patience, tolerance, and finesse which are all traits I could use more practice with.


Is it better to regret something you have done or have not done?

This question is quite challenging, and my initial inclination is to advise against harboring any regrets. On the other hand, if we approach the question from a different angle: "Is it worse to regret something you have done or something you haven't done?" then finding an answer becomes much simpler. It would be more regrettable to miss out on opportunities because you never gave them a chance. Overcoming fear is often the key to pursuing our desires and personal growth.


Have you regretted anything you have/haven’t done in your life?

I've always regretted not going to college right after high school. At 35 yrs old I was worried that I had missed my chance to acquire valuable knowledge that would support me in the future. However, I was reminded that the timing of when you arrive is not important, as long as you make it there.