SFSU ENGR Student: Bianca Herrera, March 2024

By Julianna Enriquez | March 1, 2024

Bianca Herrera Headshot

Bianca Herrera, BS- Electrical Engineering


Do you have any student leadership positions at SFSU? Or have done anything to give back to the SFSU community?

I'm grateful to be the President of the SFSU Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and to be on the Engineering Student's Advisory Board (ESAB) as their Design Chair! Outside of school hours, I am also a Program Assistant for Residential Life for the students living in the Village at Centennial Square.


What has been the most memorable time you’ve had at SFSU so far?

Some of the most memorable moments here in the Engineering Department include the Engineering and Computer Science Career Fairs! Being able to help bring companies that students want to connect with and watching fellow students line up to talk to recruiters from these companies is rewarding! A lot of my favorite memories stem from engineering organization events. One of my favorites is whenever we host kick ball events against other ENGR student organizations. 


What is a big goal in your life that you have planned out for yourself?

My passion for engineering stems from its unique fusion of science and art. Growing up my main interest was visual arts and music. However, engineering allows for creativity through scientific innovation which add a whole new element to the career I wanted to pursue. My ultimate goal is to contribute my skills and knowledge in a meaningful and innovative way, ideally by working with an organization—be it in the public sector or a non-profit—that is dedicated to aiding people and working to solve humanitarian issues. In essence, my goal is to utilize my degree in Electrical Engineering for the betterment of others.


Where do you see yourself after graduating?

After graduating, I'm considering two options: pursuing a master's degree or entering the job market. A master's program would deepen my knowledge and open up specialized career opportunities, while also allowing me to engage in advanced research. On the other hand, jumping straight into the workforce would give me practical experience and immediate application of my skills, aiding in the development of my professional career. Alternatively, I might work for a few years in the industry and later return to obtain my Master's. Both paths offer unique benefits and I plan to decide based on my career aspirations and opportunities available when I graduate.


Why did you choose SFSU?

One of the biggest gravitating factors towards SFSU is the diversity in the student body. Graduating from a predominantly white high school, I found it hard to relate and connect with my academic peers. At SFSU, the varied backgrounds of the student body offer a more inclusive learning environment. This setting is not just academically stimulating but also aids in personal growth by offering exposure to different perspectives and cultural insights.

If you could choose a dream birthday itinerary what would you do?

My ideal birthday itinerary would probably include a tour around South Asia, a region known for its tropical climates and amazing food. The journey would take me through lush landscapes, beaches, and rainforests, to allow me to fully experience the diverse and beautiful tropical environments of this area. Alongside the natural beauty, the highlight of this trip would be savoring the incredible food and culture South Asia has to offer.

If you could choose one skill to master, what would it be and why?

If I could master one skill that could add to my academic life, it would be to learn to ask good, thought-provoking questions. One of the biggest factors in being a good student and getting the most out of your education is curiosity. Additionally, some of the most important solutions come from asking new questions about old problems.


Is it better to regret something you have done or have not done?

One thing I always regretted in high school was letting a fear of failure get in the way of trying things I didn't think I was good at or didn't think I would succeed at. For example, taking a certain AP Test or trying a new competitive sport, etc. But looking back I always regret not going for it because there was never a guarantee I would fail; I just was convinced that the consequences of failing weren't worth the possibility of success. However, trying and failing is better than never attempting at all, and that is the mindset I took with me as I entered college.


Have you regretted anything you have/haven’t done in your life?

One thing I regretted was not sticking with running competitively on the cross-country team at my high school, and not doing more intermural sports/activity in my first year of college. One thing about sports, even though they take up so much time, is that they add another layer of discipline to your academic life which can help to create a good routine, and healthy habits, and overall create better outcomes in all facets of your life.