Senior Project Showcase Spring 2023

Congratulations Student Project Showcase Winners!



Tamper-resistant Cat Feeder

2023 187 E1
By: Joey Conway, David Neri, Andrey Villones
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Holton

Students designed a cat feeder which will deliver a set amount of food at a set schedule while being resistant to tampering by the animal which it is nourishing.

Gated Heaven

2023 170 E1
By: Cecilia Barrientos, Alfredo Patino, Misael Macias, Jack Sheets, Douglas Linares, Ranju Dewan, Yazmin Gama
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tim D'Orazio

PCCS - Passive Camber Control System

2023 185 E1
By: Jason Ludwig, Jonathan Foster, Egan Chiu
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Anwar



Scuba Buddy Monitor

2023 217 E2
By: James George, Timon Eggebrecht, Allou Marie Umadhay
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Holton

The Scuba Buddy Monitor is a proof of concept wearable device that grants divers the ability to wirelessly communicate simple messages underwater despite obstruction or loss of visual contact by means of ultrasonic waves. The device will monitor & broadcast diver vitals like depth and tank pressure, while alerting divers of safety alerts.
Scuba Buddy Monitor_SSP 2023

Efficient EMG Pattern Classification-based Control Interface for Exoskeleton Gloves Using Mahalanobis Distance to Handle Undefined Classes

2023 210 E2
By: Yuriah Lydon
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xiaorong Zhang, Dr. Zhuwei Qin and Dr. David Quintero

Modular Aerial Gimbal Camera

2023 213 E2
By: Brandyn Byrnes, Oscar Vazquez, Anthony Sebbo, Carlos Zheng
Department: Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Anwar


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