Past Seminars, 2024

Universal Robots Seminar on Introduction to Collaborative Robots Hosted by Dr David Quintero
Mechatronics Seminar Simulink was made for Mechatronics by Terry Denery
SFSU ENGR How Microorganisms Propel Thru a Gel Seminar Dr Mohammadigoushki Spring 2024
SFSU ENGR School of Engineering Seminar Medical Imaging to Three Dimensional Models Spring 2024 April 17 2024
SFSU ENGR Mechanical Engineering Seminar Apurva Patel Spring 2024
SFSU ENGR American Society of Mechanical Engineers Mathworks Matlab Seminar
SFSU ENGR Mechanical Engineering Faculty Candidate Seminar Exploring How the Exercise of Power Contributes to Creating More Inclusive Spaces in Engineering Education by Dr. Kenya Mejia
SFSU ENGR Mechanical Engineering Faculty Candidate Seminar Understanding Human Behaviors in Data-Driven Design  for Sustainability Dr. Yiqing Ding
Leveraging LLMS_PrasantJain Seminars Spring 2024
SFSU ENGR Seminar Biomaterials Spring 2024
Projecting the Future Computational Research Leadership Council Hybrid Seminar.jpg
SFSU ENGR Seminar Harnessing the Power of AI fpor Transforming AEC Industry Spring 2024