Faculty Profile: Mutlu Ozer

Mutlu Ozer

Lecturer Faculty

Discipline: Thermo-fluids, Structural & Earthquake

Office: SCI 112B

Email: ozer@sfsu.edu

Personal webpage: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~ozer/ 

Multu Ozer


M.S. Civil Engineering, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, 2003

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey 1979

B.S. Naval Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, 1975


Mr. Ozer received his B.S. (1975), from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, in naval architecture, and M.S. (1979) from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, in mechanical engineering. He joined San Francisco State University in 1998. He received second master degree from San Francisco State University (2003), in Civil Engineering.

He had accumulated his professional engineering experience through the service for naval shipyards in Golcuk and Istanbul, Turkey over 19-year as a maintenance, overhauls, design & Quality Control, and trial engineer. He had also worked for IAC (industrial Assessment Center) at San Francisco State University and performed energy audits more than 26-manufacturing plant in Northern California.

He has been teaching the following courses at SFSU School of Engineering since 2001: Engineering graphics (AutoCad2000, Matlab, Excel), Properties of Materials Lab, Engineering Experimentation Lab, Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Economics, Principles of Earthquake Engineering and E.I.T -Fundamentals of Engineering.

His research interests are on the subjects of "Dynamical response of a Rigid and Flexible Structure supported by FPB (Friction Pendulum Bearings)", "Sloshing and Impulsive Response of Large Industrial Liquid Storage Tanks" and "Rocking Motion of Rigid Body". The related research papers are accepted to oral presentations and published in 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Vancouver, CANADA August 1-6, 2004 Paper No.1975, 2005 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference Denver, Colorado, USA July 17-21, 2005 Paper No. PVP2005-71043. The papers submitted to 7th International Conference on vibration problems and to 8thUS National Conference on Earthquake Engineering are in progress.