Spring Advising

To find your Faculty Advisor look below under your major and last name.

Advising Holds are placed on Engineering students and are required to do advising to have hold removed. Click on your advisor’s link to schedule an appointment. 

*Senior level students are exempt **Metro students can see their Metro advisor

Freshmen: You can either reach out to your faculty advisor or attend a freshmen workshop (more details to follow).

Priority Registration for Fall 2023 begins on April 24, 2023.


Things to Prepare Prior to your Advising Meeting

  1. Read thru your DPR and Degree Planner ahead of time
  2. Have a plan of your planned classes for next semester
  3. Have an approximate time frame on when to graduate 
  4. List down (applicable) questions about-
    1. Reaching your academic goals
    2. Field/ Industry insights
    3. Research opportunities
    4. Picking the right internships


Civil Engineering

Student Last Names
 Transfers: Fall '22 & Spring '23 Tim D'Orazio EJKuczynsk@aol.com
A-Ca Cheng Chen chcsfsu@sfsu.edu
Ch-Gi Yiyi Wang yiyiwang@sfsu.edu
Go-L Gus Tarakji gtarakji@sfsu.edu
M-N Jenna Wong jewong@sfsu.edu
O-R Wenshen Pong wspong@sfsu.edu
S-T Elahe Enssani enssani@sfsu.edu
U-Z Zhaoshuo Jiang zsjiang@sfsu.edu

Computer and Electrical Engineering


CompE and EE Freshmen and Sophomores- please look at 'CompE/ EE Prereqs Combined' and compare which roadmap you want to follow. Consult with your advisor. 

Student Last Names
Transfers: Fall '22 & Spring '23 Tom Holton tholton@sfsu.edu
A-B Sanchita Ghose sanchitaghose@sfsu.edu
C-F Hamid Mahmoodi mahmoodi@sfsu.edu
G-La Hamid Shahnasser hamid@sfsu.edu
Le-M Xiaorong Zhang xrzhang@sfsu.edu
N-R Zhuwei Qin zwqin@sfsu.edu
S-T  Hao Jiang jianghao@sfsu.edu
U-Z Stephanie Claussen sclaussen@sfsu.edu

Mechanical Engineering

Student Last Names
Transfers: Fall '22 & Spring '23 Ed Cheng ascheng@sfsu.edu
A-Ce Mojtaba Azadi azadi@sfsu.edu
Ch-Gi Dipendra Sinha dsinha@sfsu.edu
Go-La Fatemeh Khalkhal fkhal@sfsu.edu
Le-Na Ahmad Ganji aganji@sfsu.edu
Nd-Rod David Quintero qdavid@sfsu.edu
Roh-Z Kwok-Siong Teh ksteh@sfsu.edu