Graduate Programs: FAQs for Current Students

Please go to the University class schedule page.

Students go on probation when their GPA falls below a 3.0. You need to submit the Mandatory Graduate Probation Advising Form to the Engineering graduate coordinator. Your graduate coordinator will help you plan your course work to improve your academic standing. For more information, please visit the Graduate Studies Academic Probation page. 

Students are eligible to take two elective courses from other schools/departments to be counted towards their non-engineering coursework requirements, upon approval by graduate coordinator. The Engineering school has a cross registration agreement with San Jose State University and UC, Berkeley.These elective courses can be taken at these institutions.

The ATC form needs to be filed and approved by graduate program coordinator in the semester before research courses (Engr 895 or Engr 898) are planned to be taken. For more information, please visit the Graduate Studies Steps to Graduation page. 

You need to submit a Petition for ATC Substitution or Committee Revision Form to your graduate program coordinator for approval.

Your ATC and Culminating Experience Proposal status can be seen in mySFSU .

An Application for Award of Graduate Degree must be filed with the Division of Graduate Studies. Students who are completing their culminating experiences will need to submit a Report of Completion Form with an abstract of the thesis/report signed by MS thesis/project advisor.


Students who have been awarded their graduate degree can expect to receive their diploma in the mail approximately 4-6 months after the degree has been posted on their academic record.

The following students are automatically listed to participate in the Commencement Ceremony in May: 

  • Students who have earned their degree in the previous Fall or Summer semesters.
  • Students who have applied for Spring graduation
  • Students who have applied for Summer graduation during the Spring application period

Information packages will be sent out in April. 

After students have received confirmation that their graduate degree has been awarded, they may request a final transcriptfrom the Registrar's Office 415/338-2079 or online , that shows the degree has been conferred.

Please visit the Student Organizations page.

Engr 897 Research is generally taken the semester before Engr 898 Master’s Thesis. Before registering for ENGR 897 Research, discuss possible research topics with an engineering faculty who will serve as your MS thesis committee chair and advisor. Complete the ENGR 897 Course Approval Form and submit it to the graduate program coordinator.

You complete the ATC form the semester before you intend to take the course. Upon completion of the form, you submit it to the engineering graduate coordinator. For more information, please visit the Thesis/Project page.