ENGR 438 Transportation Planning

The most exciting Civil Engineering course this Fall 2024!

A great course to prepare you for an exciting career in transportation infrastructure! You will learn skills that are in high demand to fill up the 2 million new jobs that will be created annually by the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress in 2021.  

The course topics include:

  • Travel demand models
  • Bicycle/pedestrian network design
  • Data analysis of transportation data
  • Coding bootcamps for beginners (Python)
  • Hands-on applications of transportation software and simulation

Why should you take it?

  • ENGR 438 will count 3 units towards the 12 units elective courses that are required of civil engineering majors.
  • ENGR 438 may be used to meet the units requirement for the SF Scholars program.
  • This class ramps up your coding skills and data science applications for civil engineers.
  • It covers statistical analysis and software skills important to civil engineering majors as well as related fields (geography, urban planning, etc.)

Prerequisite: ENGR 271 and MATH 245 (concurrent); or instructor consent

Lecture: Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:00-3:15pm, HUM 382

Contact: Dr. Yiyi Wang (yiyiwang@sfsu.edu) for questions.


Comments from Past Students:

Great professor and always makes sure that everyone leaves class knowing how to do the lab.”

Thank you for being understanding, encouraging, and open to different ideas/perspectives.”

Professor is very excited about the subject and it made me more excited as well. Lots of visuals too during lectures, which was a big plus.”

SFSU Engineering ENGR438 Transportaiton Planning Promotional Flyer for Fall 2024