Graduation Application Process for Engineering Majors

***School of Engineering graduation celebration is held only in the month of May every year***

Deadlines - Fall 2019

    Forms and Documentation for Application for Engineering Major:

    1. BS Degree Application

    • Follow steps "For Applying for Gradation" at
    • Please note that you will have to complete the Exit Survey on the website before you can access the BS degree graduation

    2. Engineering Degree Checklist– Graduation Documentation Coversheet/Checklist

    • Download form from link below
    • Complete & follow instructions on Coversheet/Checklist: 

    Engineering BS Degree (Graduation Documentation Coversheet and Checklist)

    3. Engineering General Education (only if admitted before Fall 2014)

    Download & follow instructions from link below:

    Engineering General Education (Graduation Documentation Coversheet and Checklist)

    4. General Education Application (only if admitted before Fall 2014)

    5. Submit Graduation application documents to ENGR office - SCI 163

    Students have to submit graduation applications to the School of Engineering office. Check the deadlines at the top.

    • Your application will be reviewed by your program head and final department review will be done by ENGR director
    • An email will be sent out if your application is either approved or rejected by the ENGR department for you to come and pick up

    6. You must file your application at One-Stop desk yourself

    • You must pick up your approved application from the School of Engineering.
    • You myst pay the application fee to the Bursar's office.
    • You must officially submit your signed application to the Registrar's office at One-Stop desk in the Student Services building
    • You have not completed your application process until the application fee has been paid and it has been submitted to the Registrar's office 
    • The School of Engineering is not responsible for approved applications that are not picked up and properly submitted to the Registrar's office