School of Engineering

Advising for Transfers

Transfer Equivalencies

Check for transfer equivalency (only courses with C- or better transfer).

School of Engineering must evaluate major-course transfers

  • See program head within the first two weeks of the semester. Important!
  • If course is not on, students need to bring all relevant supporting material, including course syllabi and books.

Orientation meeting for New/ Transfer students

School of Engineering hosts multiple orientation meetings for incoming new and transfer students during the first two weeks of classes. Please look out for email notification and also flyers in the Science Building.

SOE Program Heads for 2012-2013
CE: Dr. D'Orazio 338-2262 SCI 168B
EE/ CmpE: Dr. Holton 338-1529 SCI 170
ME: Dr. Ed Cheng 405-3486 SCI 123
GE Advisor: College Student Success Center  (Opens in New Window)
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Shahnasser 338-2124 SCI 128
SOE Director: Dr. Teh 405-4168 SCI 124

Advising for Transfer Students Presentation

Advising for Transfer Students PDF [3.4 MB]

Outline for the Presentation

  • Introduce the SFSU School of Engineering
    • Degree Programs
    • Areas of Study
    • Who Employs SFSU Engineering Graduates
    • Learning Through Hands-on Experience
    • Engineering Design Projects
    • Student Activities
    • School of Engineering News
    • Grants and Scholarships
  • Information for Transfer Students
    • Graduation requirements
      • SFSU Graduation requirements
      • Engineering Major Graduation requirements
    • General Education (GE)
      • University GE Requirements
      • Engineering GE Requirements
      • GE Advising
    • Registration
    • Course Management
    • Credits and Grades
    • Honors
    • Transfer eligibility
    • Transfer Equivalencies
    • QAdvice for transfer students
    • Orientation meeting for New/Transfer students
    • Advisors
    • Program Head
    • Contact Information

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