School of Engineering

Advising for Transfers

Transfer Equivalencies

Check for transfer equivalency (only courses with C- or better transfer).

School of Engineering must evaluate major-course transfers

  • See program head within the first two weeks of the semester. Important!
  • If course is not on, students need to bring all relevant supporting material, including course syllabi and books.

Orientation meeting for New/ Transfer students

School of Engineering hosts an orientation meeting for incoming new and transfer students in the third Wednesday of each semester from 1:10-2:00 PM, in SCI 256 (TH 428, Spring 2014).

SOE Program Heads for 2012-2013
CE: Dr. D'Orazio 338-2262 SCI 168B
EE/ CmpE: Dr. Holton 338-1529 SCI 170
ME: Dr. Ed Cheng 405-3486 SCI 123
GE Advisor: Dr. Teh 405-4168 SCI 124
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Shahnasser 338-2124 SCI 128
SOE Director: Dr. Pong 338-7738 SCI 163

Advising for Transfer Students Presentation

Advising for Transfer Students PDF [1.1 MB]

Outline for the Presentation

  • Introduce the SFSU School of Engineering
    • Degree Programs
    • Areas of Study
    • Who Employs SFSU Engineering Graduates
    • Learning Through Hands-on Experience
    • Engineering Design Projects
    • Student Activities
    • School of Engineering News
    • Grants and Scholarships
  • Information for Transfer Students
    • Graduation requirements
      • SFSU Graduation requirements
      • Engineering Major Graduation requirements
    • General Education (GE)
      • University GE Requirements
      • Engineering GE Requirements
      • GE Advising
    • Registration
    • Course Management
    • Credits and Grades
    • Honors
    • Transfer eligibility
    • Transfer Equivalencies
    • QAdvice for transfer students
    • Orientation meeting for New/Transfer students
    • Advisors
    • Program Head
    • Contact Information

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