School of Engineering

Support for Students

MESAStudents can find a strong base of support in MESA Engineering Program (MEP) while pursuing their degrees in SFSU's School of Engineering. MEP recruits historically underrepresented students into SFSU's engineering program. Throughout their studies, the women and men in the program receive academic support and personal counseling to keep them on track toward their degrees. MEP helps participating students graduate and enter the job market with the skill and confidence they need to succeed as engineers. Often alumni professionals augment the program by serving as primary role models for students who are beginning to plan their future.

The Engineering Design Center (EDC) is an auxiliary unit of the School of Engineering. The purpose of this cneter is to enhance engineering education through the involvement of students and faculty in industry/government sponsored projects. The primary goal of the center is to provide engineering research and development experience to students.

SFSU's Office of International Programs (OIP) conducts a one-week orientation program for new international students and scholars. In addition, the office provides advice on immigration, academic, personal, financial and employment matters.

OIP conducts various workshops during the academic year on topics of special interest to international students and scholars, and organizes a variety of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities designed to help familiarize international students and scholars with life in the US.

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