School of Engineering

Buildings and Facilities

The School of Engineering at SFSU is housed in the Old Science Building. The program uses 24 laboratories that are specific to particular subjects within the disciplines. The program also uses several classrooms in three of SFSU's buildings. Engineering students have access to a number of computing facilities on campus. The school has its own computing lab equipped with 50 computers loaded with engineering-specific software, as well as word processing, database and spreadsheet applications. The university's main library has a number of resources of use to engineering students, including texts, journals, periodicals and CD-ROMs.

The Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory provides resources for theoretical and experimental studies in applied electromagnetics. The facility contains spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, immunity equipment and a GTEM Cell for making precision emission and immunity measurements.

The Speech Processing Laboratory designs new solutions to problems in speech recognition, speaker verification and speaker identification. The main areas of research are signal processing and pattern matching.

The Power Electronics/Motion Control Laboratory provides a venue for the study of motion control applications, related laboratory exercises and demonstrations of new technology. The Computer & Communication Network Center allows students to undertake computer networking projects, analyze network traffic and carry out performance evaluation.

The purpose of the Engineering Design Center is to enhance engineering education through university work on industry/government sponsored engineering projects.

The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) serves the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers in the Bay Area by providing cost free engineering assessments related to energy, waste and productivity. Please visit the IAC website  (Opens in New Window) for more information about the IAC program.

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