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Professor Vaidyanadhan V. Krishnan

Professor Emeritus of Engineering Vaidyanadhan V. Krishnan (known as Krish) passed away on Nov. 17 in India. An excellent tennis player in his younger years, Krishnan remained relatively healthy and active before his final days. While visiting his sister in India, he had a fall and suffered an injury to the spine. He was unable to overcome complications resulting from his spinal surgery. His beloved wife, Judy, was with him. The University has lost a wonderful mentor, a magnificent teacher, and a fantastic colleague. His love for his profession and the people around him was simply exceptional. Krishnan will be remembered fondly, and his friendly presence will be missed by many people... (click for more)  (Opens in New Window)

Nilgun Ozer

The National Advisory Committee of Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers (SHPE) named Dr. Nilgun Ozer, Director of MESA Engineering Program at San Francisco State University, the 2016 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Regional Chapter Advisor of the Year (Region 1). This award recognizes an advisor's outstanding service and leadership provided to collegiate chapters by SHPE advisors. Dr. Ozer has fifteen consecutive years of experiences in advising SF State University's SHPE collegiate chapter.


Society of Women Engineering Collegiate Chapter had a wonderful evening with our industry partners on April 29.

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