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Nano-electronics and Computing

Nano-electronics and ComputingDesigning reliable, energy efficient, and high performance computing hardware in emerging nanotechnologies is our research mission. As the technology continues to scale down towards nanometer regimes, there are tremendous research opportunities to address the grand challenges and barriers of technology scaling. Our research addresses the technology scaling challenges at the circuit and architecture levels of abstraction. Low power design for high performance applications is a challenging task. Power dissipation in VLSI circuits results in issues such as reduced battery life-time for portable electronic devices, increased temperature and cooling cost, and reliability problems. Designing reliable computing hardware using unreliable devices in nano-scale technologies is another major area of research.

Research Labs: Nano-electronics and Computing Research Center (NeCRC)
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Analog and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits

DEVA Research LabResearch in the area of high frequency and analog integrated circuits at San Francisco State University focuses on developing innovative circuitry architectures, in conjunction with physical electronics, for (1) multi-band wireless transceivers for ubiquitous cognitive radio applications, (2) ultra-low-power (ULP) wireless transceivers for biomedical applications.

Research Labs: Analog Design Center
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Industrial Energy Assessment

DEVA Research LabThe Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs), sponsored by US Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy's Industrial Technologies Program, provide eligible small- and medium-sized manufacturers with no-cost energy assessments. Additionally, the IACs serve as a training ground for the next-generation of energy savvy engineers.

Research Labs: Industrial Assessment Center
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Structural/Earthquake Engineering

Structural Testing LabResearch in the areas of structural/earthquake engineering at San Francisco State University is in three areas: the design and analysis of structures using supplemental damping, the design and analysis of base isolation and the development and implication of building code in seismic design.

Graduate students have worked on subjects including
Seismic Design and Performance of Aboveground Utility Systems;
Seismic Design Strategies of Retrofitting of Existing Wood Buildings;
Cost Estimation of Seismic Retrofit in San Francisco;
Comparison of UBC 1997 and IBC 2003 on Seismic Design of Steel Building;
Differences and Similarities Between Seismic Provisions of the International Building Code 2003 and the Federal District of Mexico's Technical Norms;
A Design Method for Post-Installed Concrete Anchorage with Cost Considerations;
Structural analysis of 1965 low rise reinforced concrete building for seismic rehabilitation; and
Seismic Study of Low-rise Wood Structures and Code Comparison.

Research Labs: Structural Testing Lab in SCI 113

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