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Dr. Vidhyacharan Bhaskar

Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Office: SCI 122
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Vidhyacharan Bhaskar


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL, USA, 2002
  • M.S.E, Electrical Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL, USA, 2001
  • M.Eng, Electrical & Communication Eng., Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore, India, 1997
  • B.Sc., University of Madras, Chennai, India, 1992


Dr. Vidhyacharan Bhaskar graduated from University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2002 with a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering. During his doctoral work, he carried out research work in the applications of convolutional codes for direct sequence spread spectrum systems. During 2002-2003, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Communications research group at the University of Toronto, Canada, where he worked on the applications of punctured trellis codes for space-time wireless systems. During 2003-2006, he was an Associate Professor with the Department of Information systems and Telecommunications at University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), France where his broad research areas included spectrum efficiency and channel estimation evaluation for fading channels, applications of punctured convolutional codes for CDMA wireless systems, and queuing network modeling of computers and industrial systems.

During 2007-2014, he was a Full Professor in the Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University, Chennai, India where he developed and taught around 20 different Graduate and Undergraduate level courses in the specializations of wireless communications, coding theory, networking and signal processing. He has also successfully supervised 7 Doctoral theses, 49 Masters theses and 3 Senior design projects. He was also one of the Principal Investigators of a Research project in “Capacity evaluation and energy/power adaptation for MIMO-OFDM wireless systems”.

Since January 2015, he is an Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Francisco State University. Dr. Bhaskar’s broad research and teaching interests include Wireless Communications & Networks, Signal processing, Error control coding, and Queuing theory. Dr. Bhaskar has won several National awards for outstanding academic and research contributions in coding theory applications for contemporary 4G wireless systems. Dr. Bhaskar is a Senior Member of the IEEE (SM-IEEE) since March 2013 and is a Life Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (F-IETE), and Life Fellow of Institute of Engineers (F-IE) in India.

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