Engineering Research and Design Center (ERDC)

Faculty Expertise

Dr. Hamid Shahnasser



Dr. Shahnasser received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1989, his Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon and his BS in Engineering form McGill university in Montreal Canada. He is currently a professor of Electrical Engineering at SFSU School of Engineering. Dr. Shahnasser's research interests are in the areas of Computer Systems, Communications and Networks. He is currently working on projects in network security, network monitoring & anomaly detection, and VANETS. Dr. Shahnasser's research works has been funded by NASA, NSF, NSA, Department of Education and local industries and brought over $1.4 million of funding to SFSU in grants as a PI or Co-PI. Dr. Shahnasser has received multiple grants and recognition awards from NASA Ames research center.

Areas of specialization

  • Computer Communications and Networks
  • Computer networks monitoring and security
  • Communication Network Simulation
  • Digital System Design and Architecture
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