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The Engineering Research and Design Center (ERDC) at San Francisco State University is about talented students working on industry and community projects.

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The ERDC Difference

At the ERDC, we work with industry to provide real-world opportunities to engineering students. Our interdisciplinary learning environment inspires students to improve their technical knowledge base, and prepares them to become socially and environmentally responsible engineers. The ERDC is based in the School of Engineering at San Francisco State University-an epicenter of diverse student talent near the heart of the Bay Area tech industry.

How it Works

Your company or agency sponsors a project. Our cross-disciplinary team of talented students earns academic credit for working on your project, and a faculty expert supervises the process.

The ERDC Provides a Wide Range of Professional Services:

  • Research and study processes/materials/technology to meet project goals
  • Create detailed and conceptual designs
  • Provide general engineering advice
  • Develop "green"/sustainability/accessibility projects
  • Run simple experiments to collect data
  • Provide engineering modeling services
  • Conduct safety/usage/feasibility studies
  • Perform equipment efficiency analysis
  • Develop operation systems/strategies/guidelines
  • Provide troubleshooting services (in methods, procedures, workflow, etc.)
  • Define and develop product solutions
  • Design pilot programs
  • Produce and test prototypes
  • Produce engineering plans/drawings/documentation
  • Produce technical and project reports
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