School of Engineering

Graduation Quick Instructions Checklist

Please read the following carefully and do exactly what is required. If you don't, your graduation will be delayed.

Student Planning Worksheet

  • You must submit a fully updated Student Planning Worksheet with your graduation application.
  • This should be the same worksheet that was reviewed in ENGR 696, which you have updated to include all new courses taken.
  • If you are a transfer student, and your transfer credits
    • have been evaluated, make sure that they are entered properly in the main part of the form (pgs. 2 and 3).
    • have not been evaluated by the Program Head for your major, fill out the transfer credit section on the last page and see the program head immediately. Don't bother to submit the graduation application unless your transfer credits have been evaluated first.


  • Submit a current transcript with your application.
  • On your transcript, highlight (with a highlighter) all the courses that are going to be counted towards your degree. That means
    • all lower division math, physics, chemistry and computer science courses
    • all lower and upper division engineering courses
    • any course that you plan to count towards your upper division engineering elective.
Most importantly: Check the detailed Graduation Application Requirements chart for a full listing of all required supporting documents.

Graduation Application

On pg. 2 of the application, you need to list the courses that are required in your major.
  • List only those upper division that are required for your major. Upper division courses are 300 and above; also list ENGR 201, if you are on the 'old' curriculum and took 201. Don't list lower division courses unless they are in progress.
  • List all upper or lower division engineering, math, or science courses that you are currently taking or planning to take in order to graduate,
    1. Write'IP'instead of the grade on pg. 2 for classes in progress.
    2. Make sure that classes in progress also appear on pg. 1.
  • If you have received transfer credit for an upper division course, put the name of the course as it was named at the original institution, not the equivalent SFSU name.
  • Sign the application. Make sure that the program head's name appears as 'Advisor'.

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