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School of Engineering is proud to be able to administer the following scholarships for our current students. While not all students that meet the qualifications will receive scholarships, students are encouraged to apply early for the best scholarship opportunities.

National Science Foundation S-STEM

American Public Works Association Scholarship (all engineering students)
Beth Pack Scholarship (EE students)
Femineers Scholarship fund (CE students)
Hitachi Scholarship (MEP students)
IEEE Computer Society Student Scholarship (Computer E)
Kimball L. Hamberger Scholarship (all engineering students)
Luigi and Luigia Franco Scholarship (EE students)
MESA Engineering Program Scholarship (MEP students)
Michael Sugarman Scholarship (all engineering students)
Oseberg Scholarship (ME students)
Peter John Filanc Leadership Scholarship in Engineering (all engineering students)
Rene Marxheimer Scholarship (all engineering students)
SWE Program Scholarship (Women engineering)
Thomas J. Zilka Scholarship (Student Organization Officers)
Wolf Stadler Memorial Scholarship (all engineering students)

APPLICATION FORM:  (Opens in New Window)

Important Notices Applying to All Scholarships
Unless otherwise noted:

  • Entries received after the deadline will not be considered, unless an extension has been posted.
  • A current transcript must be attached to all applications.
  • Awards will be presented at the Annual Engineering Society Banquet in May.

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