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Success Story - Marcella Ysidra Ramirez

"I began my association with the SF Bioelectronics Laboratory in August of 2011. During this time I was taking basic, first semester junior level classes (introductory electronics). My knowledge was not far reaching, but Dr. Jiang allowed me to practice some basic skills while aiding in research projects already being pursued by the lab's graduate students. I was allowed to do this in as much or as little time as I was able, and I started out devoting only an hour each week to being in the lab (though I quickly wanted to volunteer more).

It was a few months later, in January, that a project was opened up for an undergraduate student to execute, regarding enhancement of inductive coupling in planar spiral coils, and I volunteered myself to work on this project. I had not taken many relevant courses to this subject yet, such as electric machinery, or electromagnetics, but through some time put aside, and Dr. Jiang's help and mentorship, experimentation was completed and I began writing papers on the results, as well as presentations.

That same semester, I won second place in the SFSU Student Project Showcase for this project. I also was a finalist for the CSU wide research competition, and I have written a paper which has been submitted to be published with IEEE Xplore.

I have, of course, learned a great deal about wireless power transfer, as well as the medical field in general. I feel that the greatest experience that I have gained from working with the SF Bioelectronics lab, however, has been experience in the nature of doing real research. For this project I have given presentations, written papers, been subjected to rigorous review and expectations that have not existed in any of my course laboratories. I know that this is something that prospective graduate schools and employers will understand when they see what I have accomplished with the Bioelectronics lab. I also know that, for myself, there is a great pride in exploring the boundaries of my own abilities; this is the reason that many of us study engineering in the first place.

Ultimately, it was much simpler and faster than I had ever imagined to volunteer in a lab as an undergraduate, and the benefits of putting myself out there have still not stopped pouring in; I cannot recommend volunteer research highly enough."

2011 Civil Engineering Competitions

Timber Comp. 1 Timber Comp. 2

National Timber Bridge Competition is an annual design competition sponsored by the Southwest Mississippi Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D), Inc. The goal of the competition is to promote the: interest in the use of wood as a viable bridge construction material, to generate innovative and cost-effective timber bridge designs, and to foster an appreciation of the engineering and design capabilities of wood. The School of Engineering at SF State has a long history of attending the timber bridge competition and has done very well. Two SFSU teams participated the competition in 2011. The double arch team won the Best Innovative Design, Best Aesthetic Design and the 3rd place in best overall design. The single arch team won the 2nd place in best overall design.

Steel Comp. 1 Steel Comp. 2

National Steel Bridge Competition is an annual design competition sponsored by American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The competition requires civil engineering students to design, fabricate and construct a steel bridge. The Student Steel Bridge Competition provides design and construction planning experience, an opportunity to learn fabrication procedures, and the excitement of networking with and competing against students from other colleges and universities The SFSU civil engineering program has participated the steel bridge competition for the past as part of senior design project. The 2011 SFSU team completed the steel bridge design and had a wonderful experience.

EERI Seismic Design

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) seismic competition is an annual structural competition sponsored by EERI of University of California at Berkeley to promote the study of earthquake engineering amongst undergraduate students and to provide civil engineering undergraduate students an opportunity to work on a hands-on project by designing and constructing a cost-effective frame structure to resist earthquake excitations. The competition in 2011 has attracted 29 teams from all over the world. Thirteen students of the School of Engineering at SF State participated this competition for the first time in 2011.

School of Engineering is proud to announce our 2010-2011 scholarship recipients:

NameScholarship name
Santee HernandezPG&E
John Anthony MartinezPG&E
Melissa SaucedoMEP
Farah SoltaneHitachi
Jonathan CantuHitachi
Ariel FloreroHitachi
Lea Romano G. LimboSWE
Steven WiryadinataOsberg
Jamie NonogBeth Pack
Michael LegleuxFranco
Shawn McGarrahFemineer
Justin BrodowskiFemineers
Jamie NonogHamberger
Melissa SaucedoFilanc

For more information about qualifications and applications, please visit our scholarship pages.

2010 Timber Bridge TeamA group of SFSU Civil Engineering students were awarded second place in the 2010 National Timber Bridge competition. The group's unique undertruss design was well received by the judges. The team won by scoring second in the categories of Best Support Structure, Best Deck, Most Aesthetic Bridge, and Most Innovative Design and scoring fourth in the category of Most Practical Design. The faculty advisors are Dr. Cheng Chen, Dr. Tim D'Orzaio and Mr. Mutlu Ozer.

2009 Timber Bridge TeamNational Timber Bridge Design Competition CertificationOur Civil Engineering SFSU-Truss Bridge won the 3rd on the Most Aesthetic Design and the 2nd on the Most Practical Design categories for the 2009 National Timber Bridge Design Competition.

Another Civil Engineering SFSU-Arch Bridge won the 3rd on the Most Deck Design and the 3rd on the Most Practical Design categories. Visit the offical competition results and rules at MARCDC  (Opens in New Window).

National Timber Bridge Design Competition Results

School of Engineering is proud to announce our 2008 scholarship recipients,

  • Tim O'Keefe - Hamberger award
  • Jose Emerson Malca Gutierrez - IEEE
  • Mojan Norouzi - Beth Pack
  • Joachim Pedersen - Stadler award
  • Oliver Burke - Oseberg award
  • Ryan Oldham - FEMINEERS
  • Alvin Piano - FEMINEERS
  • Laura Cioffi - SWE
  • Laura Cioffi - Zilka
  • Ariel Florero - MEP Hitachi
  • Santee Hernandez - MEP

For more information about qualifications and applications, please visit our scholarship pages.

Veronica Crothers, Civil Engineering student, was one of the winners to receive Structural Engineering Association of Northern California 07-08 Scholarship.

Tatiana Cantu was among the undergraduate finalists on the Technical Paper & Poster Competitions at the Annual conference of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) which was held in Phoenix, AZ in November, 2008.

Three civil engineering senior students, Michael Tran, Radoslav Stanchev, and Timothy Shu, won the ASCE San Francisco Section Geotechnical Division scholarships. Each was awarded $500 for fall 2008.

Joachim PedersenJoachim Pedersen, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, won one of the two 2008 ASM-SAMPE Materials Technology Scholarships, in the amount of $2000. This scholarship is jointly offered by ASM International (Santa Clara Valley Chapter) and SAMPE (Northern California Chapter). Joachim edged out competitive applicants from Stanford University and UC Berkeley to win this coveted scholarship based on his outstanding academic achievement and his undergraduate research work on inorganic oxide nanomaterials synthesis, under the supervision of Dr. Kwok-Siong Teh. Congratulations, Joachim!

Victoria Villar, a graduate student in Structural/Earthquakes concentration area, was awarded 2008 Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada Structural Engineering Scholarship.

Alternative EnergyThe San Francisco State University won the third place in the annual Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) national conference, behind only to Stanford University, the first place winner and Carnegie Mellon, the second place winner. Other finalist teams are CSU LA, New Mexico State University, and UC Berkeley. The SFSU project is a fuel cell powered remote control car and its team members are Mathew Jaeger (team leader, mechanical engineering), Thu Ya Maw (mechanical engineering) and Tatiana Cantu (SHPE student chapter president, computer engineering). (Download/View Awards Paper PDF[43 KB])

SFSU student, Tiffany Chin, won the Elizabeth McLean Memorial Scholarship for the 2007-2008 academic year in the amount of $1000. This scholarship is offered by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). More than 700 applicants are reviewed and Ms. Chin was selected because of her demonstrated outstanding academic achievement as well as strong engineering potential.

200 Steel Bridge TeamOur Steel bridge won the second place in the Mid-Pacific Region and is going to the National Steel Bridge Compeition on May 25-26, 2007.

Undergraduate students, 1) "Elastomer Energy Buffer To Replace A Friction Clutch" by Thomas P. Alldredege, Prisa Chanthavong, and Eric L. Bura 2) "Aim For Er (autonomous Immediate Monitoring For Emergency Resource)" by Atsede Ayalew, Terrence Gilfillian, Doan Ho, and Carolina Silva 2) "The Traction Elevator And Control Techniques" by Justin Hoffman and Mike F. Reinhard, won the first and second place of the 2006 COSE project showcase PDF[87 KB].

Tim Le, a graduate student, was awarded 2006 Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada Structural Engineering Scholarship. Mr. Le was also the only engineering recipient of Robert W. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship ($3000) for 2006-07.

2005 AEE San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Award2005 AEE (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter) award winners, Susan O'Grady and Prisa Chanthavong. The Chapter matched the National scholarship, making it a modestly nice award to these two excellent students. 2005 Awards Recipients Left to right - Andy Green, Energy Manager of the Year; Susan O'Grady and Prisa Chanthavomg, AEE National and Chapter Scholarship recipients; Evan Mills, PhD, Appropriate Technology Champion; Jim Tischer (for Peter Canessa), Water Pumping Efficiency Champion; Ann Hancock, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Champion; and Loek Vaneveld, Energy Engineer of the Year.

A senior project group won the lincoln contest (see link below), this project also placed 3rd in the student project showcase last spring.

Digital Signal Processing Applications ContestWe sent 3 groups to the digital signal processing applications contest in Taiwan (contest link is  (Opens in New Window))

  • Hau-Wen Chen's entry, "The Algorithm of Direct Altitude Calculation using Digital Image Processing", advisor Michael Holden, won "Most Innovative" in the graduate division.
  • Yee-Fei Tee's entry, "Object Tracking Security Camera", advisor Hamid Shahnasser, won "Most Innovative" in the undergraduate division.
  • Ian Robertson's entry, "Detecting Epileptic Seizures via a Wearable Device Using Digital Signal Processing Hardware", won "Best Presentation" in the undergrad. division.

GOLD award in Lincoln Engineering Student Design Competition 2005Another good news about our student's competition. Please see the article from SFSU News Service  (Opens in New Window). Our undergraduate student won the GOLD award in Lincoln Engineering Student Design Competition 2005. The title of the project is &Walkomatic Therapy& Orthotic Knee-Assist Brace with Control Components by Tina Leong, Susan O'Grady, and Wutichai Chanhong, advisor is Dr. Michael Holden. (Download/View Awards Poster PDF[2.08 MB])

Holy Chan, a graduate student in Structural/Earthquake Engineering, won $5000.00 scholarship for 2005-06 from Structural Engineer Association of North California.

Sonja El-Wakil, a graduate student, was awarded 2005 Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada Structural Engineering Scholarship.

Brooke Cole, a graduate student in Environmental Engineering, received the 2005 NASA Ames Research Center Honor Award in the student category.

2005 Arched Wood Bridge Team San Francisco State University, School of Engineering is proud to announce that our 2005 Arched Wood Bridge Team won the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2005 National Timber Bridge Design Competition!

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