School of Engineering

School of Engineering - IRA funded Project Expenses

Step 1. Proposal

Students participating in Engr 696/697 will be informed by their instructor or faculty advisor about the deadline for IRA fund proposal. The designated team member must submit a brief description of the proposed project, including the project title, the estimated costs, the names of each team member, and the designated team leader who will be responsible for the reimbursement. Contact information for each team member (name, student ID#, phone number, email address) should be included. The Director of the School of Engineering will review proposals and contact teams by email if they have been awarded project funds.

Step 2. Reimbursement Procedures

  1. You must have official notice from Dr. Pong to be eligible for reimbursement.
  2. Submit an itemized invoice including; Date, Vendor, Item, Price and Total cost of materials. Pay by check, money order or credit card for purchases. DO NOT PAY CASH.
  3. Submit original receipts ONLY. Copies will not be accepted. Please keep a copy for your records. Online vendor receipts can be accepted. You will need to include a copy of the credit card statement, check or bank statement showing payment. Credit card payments should also include a copy of your bank statement showing the payment. Loose receipts should be scotch taped onto a blank sheet of paper. Do Not use staples. Use paper clips. Do not submit more than 5 receipts at one time. ONLY ONE TEAM MEMBER (ONE NAME) MAY SUBMIT A REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST. ONLY ONE NAME SHOULD SHOW AS THE PAYER ON ALL RECEIPTS, INVOICES., CREDIT SLIPS AND BANK STATEMENTS. ONLY ONE ADDRESS FOR THAT PERSON MAY BE USED.
  4. Please submit your receipts for reimbursement NO LATER THAN 60 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. Accounts Payable will reject any late receipts.
  5. All reimbursement requests should be submitted to the engineering office by the team leader who will disburse the funds to team members upon payment. Payment from Accounts Payable will be mailed to you and can take up to 90 days. Please DO NOT contact the engineering office regarding your check from Accounts Payable before 90 days has passed.


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