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Open Labs

Students who have enrolled an engineering course that assigns lab projects might be allowed to access the laboratory outside its' schedule time period to finish their class projects, and those laboratories are our "Open Labs". To gain access any Open Lab, please contact the faculty in-charge and request an access code. Although the School of Engineering does not post any time restrain for all the Open Lab, you are required to have a valid College of Science and Engineering Student Authorization Pass, if you consider to access the Open Lab after 10 PM.

LabelRoomFaculty In-Charge
Computer Networking LaboratorySCI 147Hamid Shahnasser (
Digital Signal Processing & EE Senior Project LaboratorySCI 149Tom Holton (
Engineering Design Center LaboratorySCI 251Mike Strange (
Engineering Machine ShopSCI 140Mike Strange (
Environmental Engineering LaboratorySCI 155Elahe Enssani (
MEP Student LaboratorySCI 150Nilgun Ozer (
Microprocessors & Adcanced Digital LaboratorySCI 141Ying Chen (
Power Electronics & Motion Control LaboratorySCI 166Shy Shenq Liou (
Robotics & Autonomus Systems LaboratorySCI 167Michael Holden (
Structural & Earthquake Engineering LaboratorySCI 113Wenshen Pong (
Wireless Communication LaboratorySCI 110N.A.

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