School of Engineering

Engineering Design Center

Completed Projects

San Francisco Municipal Railway: Five separate projects involving study, analysis, design, and testing of cable car components Pfaelzer/Hotchkiss $115,000
California Public Utilities Commission: 1. Analysis of Electric power Goodarzi $61,500
2. A study of rail crossing safety Tarakji $50,000
Hewlett-Packard, Inc.: Vibration study of buildings Owen $11,500
Chevron Corporation: 1. Analysis of reverse torques in cooling tower fan systems Pfaelzer/Trauner $18,200
2. Seismic consideration in steel D'Obrazio $8,500
3. Experimental verification of a chain damper Pfaelzer/Owen $28,100
Chevron Pipeline Corporation: 1. Comparison of Maximum Allowable Pressure equations for corroded petroleum pipelines Abo-El-Ata $16,820
2. Development of computer program to predict pipeline leakage Wheeler $7,584
Vitaphore Corporation: Feasibility study for a remotely steerable catheter Holton $5,700
Pacific Gas & Electric: 1. Study of cable wear on single strand aluminum conductors Pfaelzer $16,200
2. Study of electromagnetic radiation from household appliences Pantic-Tanner $25,000
3. Evaluation of evolving computer user interface standards for PG&E environments Shahnasser $25,000
4. Develop a computerized method of recording standardized battery characteristic data using curve fitting algorithms Liou $10,000
5. Develop a computer based methodology and formulation for calculating the thermodynamic properties of mixtures of fuel gasses Ganji $25,000
6. Development of a computer based plant monitoring and warning system Shahnasser $25,000
Centers for Disease Control: 1. From injured persons to public policies (subcontract to UC San Francisco) Pfaelzer $49,000
2. Development of Wheelchair designs to prevent frontal falls (subcontract to UCSF) Phaelzer/Hotchkiss $42,232
Dames & Moore, Inc.: Concept design for a Geotechnical Lab including equipment lists and layouts. D'Orazio $6,000
Settle Laboratories: Design of an alpha-wave (brainwave) controller for disabled persons Franco $0
Caltrans: 1. Design evaluation and proto-type testing of wheelchair lifts for peninsula commuter trains. Wheeled Mobility Center Owen/Pfaelzer $169,450
2. Development of a formula/guidelines for allowable contractor home office overhead costs. Tarakji/Elimam $34,944
U.S. Department of Education: "Click'n'Zoom"; development of a portable wheelchair power assistance Pfaelzer $50,000
Concrete Contractors Association of America: A study of a new design concept for post tensioned slabs-on-ground Aalami $10,000
Pacific Bell: 1.Two project to study improvement to design/strength of variuos metal fasteners Abo-El-Ata/Sherman $29,000
2.Investigation of concrete anchorage devices Tarakji $23,800
3. Design of new cable securing system and strength analysis of cable parts Abo-El-Ata $20,000
NASA-Ames: 1. Computer-aided seismic analysis of building N230 Owen $2,200
2. Concept Design for a centrifuge mounted Human Habitat Pfaelzer/Owen $10,000
3. Preliminary Design for centrifuge mounted Human Habitat Owen/Pfaelzer $15,000
4. Full Scale Model of Human Habitat Pfaelzer/Owen $15,000
5. Concept Design for centrfuge mounted animal research habitat Owen/Pfaelzer $30,000
6. Conceptual design for centrifuge mounted habitat resupply system. Donnely (DAI) Pfaelzer/Owen $30,000
City of San Francisco: 1. City and County of San Francisco Study of the effects of Trenching on pavement life Tarakji $10,000
2. Pavement Conditions surveys throughout San Francisco Tarakji $25,400
SF State University
(Facilities Operations):
Study of water usage at SFSU and recommendations for improvement Trauner/Tarakji $10,000
Through the Looking Glass: 1. Follow on project to develop adaptive child care equipment for disabled parents Pfaelzer $9,038
2. Development of adaptive equipment to allow disabled parents to care for infants Pfaelzer $8,488
U.S. Air Force Research on Switched Reluctance Motors Liou $20,000
SFSU Transportation Office: Design and feasibility test of prototype solar battery charger Trauner $1,000
National Security Agency (NSA): 1. Study of requirements and recommended strategies for future LAN within Department of Defence Shahnasser $76,975
2. Compilation of programmable logic devices now on the market Hu $40,450
3. Development of full wave electro-magnetic model for high data rate circuits Pantic-Tanner $83,180
Lockheed-Martin: Research on motion control devices and instrumentation Liou $12,000
United Airlines: Develop and conduct training courses for Engineering personnel Trauner/Krishnan $20,000
California Energy Commision Development of energy workshops for small business training at various sites throughout California. (in conjunction with CA1, Energy Commission, and San Diego State University Ganji $10,000

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