School of Engineering

Engineering Design Center

Center Director: Larry Klingenberg (

To enhance engineering education through university work on industry/government sponsored engineering projects
Related School Objectives:
Liaison with professional community
Emphasis on practical, industry oriented education
Collaborative relationships with government/industry
Creation of Centers of Excellence
  1. Concept
    • Companies/Agencies sponsor a project
    • Student team assigned project as academic course
    • faculty and sponsor co-direct
    • Team renders periodic reports
    • Deliverables can be:
      • Study
      • Model
      • Software
      • Conceptual Design
      • Test Program
      • Prototype Model
    • Complexity of project dictates faculty involvement
    • Fee covers faculty time and student overtime
  2. Benefits of EDC Projects
    • Students:
      • Hands-on, real engineering work
      • Credit and improved education
      • Communication/teamwork skills
    • School of Engineering:
      • Improved contact with industry
      • Access to new technologies
      • Increased visibility
    • Sponsors:
      • Access to faculty experts
      • Cost effective solutions to problems
      • Recognition for support to education
      • Recruiting opportunities
  3. Projects

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