School of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


First SemesterUnits
CHEM 180 Chemistry for the Energy and the Environment3
MATH 226 Calculus I4
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering1
ENGR 101 Engineering Graphics1
ENG 114 First Year Written Composition3
U.S. History or Government3
Second SemesterUnits
MATH 227 Calculus II4
ENGR 103 Introduction to Computers1
PHYS 220/222 Physics I and Physics I Lab4
Oral Communications3
General Education Elective6


Third SemesterUnits
MATH 228 Calculus III4
PHYS 230/232 Physics II and Physics II Laboratory4
ENGR 102 Statics3
ENGR 200 Materials of Engineering3
ENG 214 Second Year Written Composition3
Fourth SemesterUnits
MATH 245 Differential Equations & Linear Algebra3
PHYS 240/242 Physics III and Physics III Laboratory4
ENGR 201 Dynamics3
ENGR 205 Electric Circuits3
ENGR 206 Elect Circuits & Instrument Lab1
Core Elective*3


Fifth SemesterUnits
ENGR 300 Engineering Experimentation3
ENGR 303 Thermodynamics3
ENGR 305 Systems Analysis3
ENGR 309 Mechanics of Solids3
General Education Electives6
Sixth SemesterUnits
ENGR 302 Experimental Analysis1
ENGR 304 Mechanics of Fluids3
ENGR 364 Materials & Manufacturing Processes3
Engineering Elective**3
General Education Elective3


Seventh SemesterUnits
ENGR 464 Mechanical Design3
ENGR 467 Heat Transfer3
ENGR 696 Engineering Project I1
ENGR ++ Control/Controls Lab4
Engineering Elective**3
General Education Elective3
Eighth SemesterUnits
ENGR 463 Thermal Power Systems3
ENGR 697 Engineering Project II2
Engineering Elective**3
General Education Electives6
++Take ENGR 410/411 if in Thermal-Fluids focus area or ENGR 446/447 if in Design or Robotics and Control focus areas.


**Engineering ElectivesUnits
ENGR 306 Electromechanical Systems3
ENGR 410 Process Instrumentation & Control3
ENGR 411 Instrumentation & Process Control Lab1
ENGR 415 Mechatronics3
ENGR 416 Mechatronics Lab1
ENGR 428 Applied Stress Analysis3
ENGR 441 Fundamentals of Composite Materials3
ENGR 446 Control Systems Laboratory1
ENGR 447 Control Systems3
ENGR 461 Mechanical & Structural Vibration3
ENGR 465 Principles of HVAC3
ENGR 466 Gas Dynamics & Boundary Layer Flow3
ENGR 468 Applied Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics3
ENGR 469 Renewable Energy Systems3
Graduate Courses (requires 3.0 minimum GPA, approval of advisor, & consent of instructor)
**Engineering Electives
ENGR 610 Engineering Cost Analysis3
3 units of ENGR 290: Modular Electives

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