School of Engineering

Computer Engineering Course Syllabi

ENGR 120Introduction to Computer EngineeringDownload [PDF 26KB]
ENGR 205Electric CircuitsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 206Electric Circuits and InstrumentationDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 212Introduction to Unix and Linux for EngineersDownload [PDF 77KB]
ENGR 213Introduction to C Programming for EngineersDownload [PDF 78KB]
ENGR 290Introduction to MATLABDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 290Introduction to PSPICEDownload [PDF 19KB]
ENGR 300Engineering ExperimentationDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 301Electrical MeasurementDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 305Systems AnalysisDownload [PDF 26KB]
ENGR 306Electromechanical SystemsDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 350Introduction to Engineering ElectromagneticsDownload [PDF 40KB]
ENGR 353ElectronicsDownload [PDF 43KB]
ENGR 356Basic Computer ArchitectureDownload [PDF 27KB]
ENGR 357Basic Digital LabDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 378Digital System DesignDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 442Operational Amplifier Network DesignDownload [PDF 25KB]
ENGR 446Control Systems LaboratoryDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 447Control SystemsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 449Communication SystemsDownload [PDF 24KB]
ENGR 451Digital Signal ProcessingDownload [PDF 34KB]
ENGR 453Digital Integrated Circuit DesignDownload [PDF 27KB]
ENGR 455Power ElectronicsDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 476Computer Communication and NetworksDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 478Design with MicroprocessorsDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 844Embedded SystemsDownload [PDF 25KB]
ENGR 848Digital VLSI DesignDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 856Nano-Scale Circuits and SystemsDownload [PDF 17KB]

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