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Civil Engineering Course Syllabi

ENGR 100Introduction to EngineeringDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 101Engineering GraphicsDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 102StaticsDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 103Introduction to ComputersDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 106Introduction to Engineering LaboratoryDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 200Materials of EngineeringDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 201DynamicsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 205Electric CircuitsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 235SurveyingDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 300Engineering ExperimentationDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 302Experimental AnalysisDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 303Engineering ThermodynamicsDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 304Mechanics of FluidsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 309Mechanics of MaterialsDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 323Structural AnalysisDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 425Reinforced Concrete StructuresDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 426Steel StructureDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 427Wood StructuresDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 429Construction ManagementDownload [PDF 25KB]
ENGR 430Soil Mechanics LabDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 431Foundation EngineeringDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 432Finite Element Methods in Structural and Continuum MechanicsDownload [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 434Principles of Environmental EngineeringDownload [PDF 24KB]
ENGR 435Environmental Engineering DesignDownload [PDF 26KB]
ENGR 436Transportation EngineeringDownload [PDF 48KB]
ENGR 439Construction EngineeringDownload [PDF 22KB]
ENGR 461Mechanical and Structural VibrationsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 468Applied Fluid Mechanics and HydraulicsDownload [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 469Alternative and Renewable Energy SystemsDownload [PDF 23KB]
ENGR 610Engineering Cost AnalysisDownload [PDF 36KB]
ENGR 690Alternative and Renewable Energy SystemsDownload [PDF 12KB]
ENGR 696Engineering Design Project I (Civil Engineering)Download [PDF 20KB]
ENGR 697Engineering Design Project II (Civil Engineering)Download [PDF 21KB]
ENGR 829Advanced Topics in Structural EngineeringDownload [PDF 60KB]
ENGR 833Principles of Earthquake EngineeringDownload [PDF 19KB]
ENGR 835Advanced Steel StructuresDownload [PDF 94KB]

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