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Advancement To Candidacy (ATC)/Graduate Approved Program (GAP)  (Opens in New Window)

The ATC (formerly GAP) may be submitted any time after 9 units have been completed and must be submitted before the student completes the last 6 units. Students must have met the entry-level English proficiency requirements before filing the ATC. Any change on your ATC must be reported on the Petition for ATC Substitution or Committee Revision form. You must re-file a new ATC if you do not maintain continuous enrollment.

Petition for ATC Substitution or Committee Revision  (Opens in New Window)

PDF file [590 KB]
To change course list submitted in the ATC or to form a new advising committee for your culminating experience

898/895: Proposal for Culminating Experience Requirement  (Opens in New Window)

To submit your Culminating Experience form you must have at least 3.0 GPA in all graduate coursework and in all coursework listed on your ATC. You must already have a ATC on file before you can submit the Culminating Experience form. Courses with grades below "C" must not be listed on your ATC and will not be counted toward your graduation requirements.

Report of Completion

Download/View PDF file [31 KB]
Report of Completion of Specified Graduate Program Requirements (with Abstract attached): Every degree candidate needs to submit this form to the Graduate Division Office after successful oral defense and completion of his/her thesis/applied research project. Degree candidates must also submit a master copy of written thesis (Option A) with original signatures, and a binding fee receipt to the Graduate Division Office.

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