Graduate School of Engineering

Faculty Research Area

Civil Engineering Faculty Research Area
NameResearch AreaTelRoom
C. ChenHybrid Simulation; Numerical Methods for Structural Dynamics and Real-Time Structural Testing; Smart Structures and Materials for Hazard Mitigation; Fire Structural Engineering; Performance Based Engineering.338-7740 SCI-168A
T.D'Orazio Soil Structure Interaction; Finite Element Analysis; Offshore Geotechnical Engineering; Shallow Foundations Consolidation; Environmental Geotechnical Engineering.338-2262SCI-168B
E. EnssaniWater Quality and Environmental Management Systems; Phytoremediation and Biological Treatment of Wastewater; Development of Business Models with Environmental Cost Accounting; Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Management Systems, environmental monitoring and use of sensors.338-6581SCI-120
W. PongStructural Control; Structural Dynamics; Earthquake Engineering; Energy Dissipation Systems.338-7738SCI-165
G. TarakjiTransportation Engineering; Construction Engineering and Management; Statistical Quality Control.338-1851SCI-126
Electrical/Computer Engineering Faculty Research Area
NameResearch AreaTelRoom
H. JiangHigh Frequency and Analog Integrated Circuit Research in the area of high frequency and analog integrated circuits at San Francisco State University focuses on developing innovative circuitry architectures, in conjunction with physical electronics, for (1) multi-band wireless transceivers for ubiquitous cognitive radio applications, (2) ultra-low-power (ULP) wireless transceivers for biomedical applications. 338-6379SCI-213C
T. HoltonDigital Signal Processing; Speech Recognition Communication Systems; Bioengineering.338-1529SCI-170
S. HuDigital Systems; Microprocessor Applications; Computer Architecture.338-2839SCI-122
S. LiouPower Electronics; Power Systems; Motion Control Technology & Rotating Machines.338-7733SCI-168
H. MahmoodiLow-Power and High-Performance Circuit Design in Nano-Scale Technologies; Low-Power VLSI Design; VLSI Testing and Yield Enhancement; Circuit Design with Nano-Scale Devices; Nanoelectronic Devices, Circuits, and Architectures.338-6579SCI-168
H. ShahnasserComputer Architecture; Computer Communication; Computer Networks.338-2124SCI-128
X. ZhangEmbedded Systems; Hardware/Software Co-design; Machine Learning and Their Applications in CPS338-3946SCI 170A
Mechanical Engineering Faculty Research Area
NameResearch AreaTelRoom
E. ChengThermodynamics / Combustion; Fluid Mechanics, Air Quality Engineering; Technology and Policy.405-3486SCI-123
A. GanjiEnergy Conservation; Renewable Energies; Design and Test of Thermal Fluid systems; Reduction of Source Air Pollution; Environmental Impact Analysis of Energy Systems.338-7736SCI-129
V. KrishnanAnalog and Digital Controls, Modeling and simulation; Process Instrumentation; Optimal Control.338-7821SCI-100
D. SinhaMechanical/Computer Aided Design (CAD); Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM); Mechanical Design.338-7737SCI-131
K. S. TehMicro/nanoelectromechanical Systems (M/NEMS); smart materials for microsensor & microactuator applications; nanomaterials; biomaterials.405-4168SCI-122

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