Graduate School of Engineering

Coursework Requirements: Structural/Earthquake Engineering

Required Courses:
ENGR 800 Engineering Communication 3 units
ENGR 801 Engineering Management 3
ENGR 833 Principles of Earthquake Engineering 3
ENGR 836 Structural Design for Earthquakes 3
Option A
ENGR 897 Research 3
ENGR 898 Thesis 3
Option B
ENGR 895 Applied Research Project 3
Engineering Electives1 6-15
Non-Engineering Electives2 0-6
Minimum Total 30 units
  1. Engineering Electives:
    ENGR425*Reinforced Concrete Structures (3)
    ENGR426*Steel Structures (3)
    ENGR427Wood Structures (3)
    ENGR431Foundation Engineering (3)
    ENGR461Mechanical and Structural Vibrations (3)
    ENGR823Introduction to Seismology (3)
    ENGR826Seismic Hazards Analysis (3)
    ENGR827Structural design for Fire Safety (3)
    ENGR828Base Isolation (3)
    ENGR829Advanced Topics in Structural Engineering (3)
    ENGR831Advanced Concrete Structures (3)
    ENGR832 Advanced Topics in Seismic Design (3)
    ENGR835Advanced Steel Structures (3)
    ENGR837Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (3)
    ENGR838Smart Structures Technology
    ENGR897Research (3)
    ENGR899Special Study (3)
    (Click here to download/view the Petition for Course by Individual Study form Dowload/View PDF file [10 KB] )
    Note: International Students have one semester of grace period, after completion of their course work, not including the ENGR 895 or ENGR 898, to request a Reduced Course Load (RCL) with zero units. After this grace period, they will be required to register for 3 units in engineering. Students should speak to an International Student Advisor at OIP if they wish to request a RCL with zero units.
    * Only one of these courses may be taken as part of graduate program.
  2. Non-Engineering Electives Courses selected primarily from sciences, mathematics, social science, or business, upon approval of the graduate coordinator.
    1. Elective courses must not duplicate subjects used in satisfying the student's undergraduate degree requirement.
    2. A program cannot contain more than 9 units of courses with course number below 700 and higher than 400.

  3. Minimum Prerequisites for conditionally accepted graduate student with a B.S. degree in a program other than Civil or Structural Engineering:
    MATH: MATH 226, 227, 228, 245
    PHYS: PHYS 230/232, 240/242
    CHEM: CHEM 115
    ENGR: ENGR 102, 201, 309, 323, 430, 425, 426 (One of the 425 or 426 may be used for graduate credits)

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Updated: 02/01/2018
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