Graduate School of Engineering

Coursework Requirements: Energy Systems

Required Courses:
ENGR 800 Engineering Communication 3 units
ENGR 801 Engineering Management 3
ENGR 820 Energy Resources and Sustainability 3
ENGR 863 Advanced Thermal Fluids 3
Option A
ENGR 897 Research 3
ENGR 898 Thesis 3
Option B
ENGR 895 Applied Research Project 3
Engineering Electives1 6-15
Non-Engineering Electives2 0-6
Minimum total 30 units
  1. Engineering Electives
    ENGR 448 Electrical Power Systems (3)
    ENGR 458 Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (3)
    ENGR 463 Thermal Power Systems (3)
    ENGR 465 Principles of HVAC (3)
    ENGR 466 Gas Dynamics and B.L. Flow (3)
    ENGR 469 Renewable Energy Systems (3)
    ENGR 694 Cooperative Education in Engineering (1,2,3)
    (approval from engineering graduate coordinator is required)
    ENGR 865 Energy-Efficient Buildings (3)
    ENGR 866 Engineering Aspects of Air Pollution (3)
    ENGR 867 Energy Auditing, Measurement, and Verification
    ENGR 871 Advanced Electrical Power Systems(3)
    Note: International Students have one semester of grace period, after completion of their course work, not including the ENGR 895 or ENGR 898, to request a Reduced Course Load (RCL) with zero units. After this grace period, they will be required to register for 3 units in engineering. Students should speak to an International Student Advisor at OIP if they wish to request a RCL with zero units.
  2. Non-Engineering Electives: Courses selected primarily from sciences, mathematics, social science, or business, upon approval of the graduate coordinator.
    1. Elective courses must not duplicate subjects used in satisfying the student's undergraduate degree requirement.
    2. A program cannot contain more than 9 units of courses with course number below 700 and higher than 400.
  3. Minimum Prerequisites for conditionally accepted graduate student with a B.S. degree in a program other than Mechanical or Chemical  Engineering:
    MATH: MATH 226, 227, 228, 245
    PHYS: PHYS 230/232, 240/242
    ENGR: ENGR 205, 303, 304, 467

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Updated: 02/01/2018
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